Es brennt

Based on a true case, this surprising feature film debut by young director Erol Afşin becomes an indictment of everyday racism in Germany that is as powerful as it is poetic.
Followed by Q&A with actor Nicolas Garin.

A Film by Erol Afşin
Drama, Germany 2023, 89 mins

Amal, Omar and their son Ahmad are a happy Arab family living in Germany. In the playground, they meet a man named Franz. The situation gets out of hand when Franz insults and attacks Amal because of her headscarf. A court case is initiated, but during the hearings an incident occurs that completely changes the family’s life.

Erol Afşin on his film, “Es brennt is a reflection on the tragic and cyclical nature of violence and discrimination in our world, inspired by the powerful lyrics of Mordechaj Gebirtig’s S’brent and the shocking ending of George A. Romero’s film Night of the Living Dead. The realization that history repeats itself in different forms, as evidenced by Amal’s story, is as incredible as it is alarming.”

Erol Afşin

Born in 1989 in Adana, Erol Afşin is an actor, screenwriter and director. Erol started theater acting and studied at Folkwang University of Arts and Istanbul State Conservatory. During his studies, he starred in the film Mustang, which premiered at Cannes in 2015 and was nominated for an Oscar. This was followed by several other international film and television productions, as well as some WDR and ZDF productions. With Es brennt he celebrates his directorial and screenwriting debut.

Germany 2023 – Director & Screenplay: Erol Afşin – Cinematography: Emrah Celik – Editor: Faris Saleh – Starring Kida Khodr Ramadan, Halima Ilter, Emir Kadir Taskin, Nicolas Garin, Patrick Joswig, Brigitte Zeh.