European Short Film Competition Programme 5

Tuulikki (FIN 2022)
How The Wooden Structures Survived In My Mind (D 2022)
Let’s Share Chillies-Pizza Like It Was Yesterday (D 2022)
Pirouette (D 2023)
Nelly’s Story (A 2023)
Maria Schneider, 1983 (F 2022)


Finland 2022 – 13:39 min – Director: Teemu Nikki

Tuulikki has a problem. She is in the throes of young love, and the world outside her window is vibrant and inviting. But her mother disagrees, not wanting to let Tuulikki out of her sight. Tuulikki fights back, but nothing seems to be making a difference. Finally, the mother-daughter relationship escalates when the circumstances prove too much for both of them.

Teemu Nikki

Teemu Nikki was born in 1975 in Sysmä, Finland. This self-taught filmmaker has been producing short films, feature films and TV series for almost 30 years, which have already been nominated at over 50 film festivals. His film Euthanizer has been selected as the official Oscar entry for Finland in 2019.

How The Wooden Structures Survived In My Mind

Germany 2022 – 09:02 min – Director: Thadeusz Tischbein

How do memories actually come about? Isn’t it a process that involves both – forgetting and reinventing? This construction process of memories is symbolized in the film using architectural fragments. The camera moves through structures reminiscent of film sets as well as abandoned places. We are reminded of places we’ve been before, we are guessing. The Australian voice actor, heard from somewhere in the dark, remembers details of his way to school in Melbourne, reports on forays through foreign cities and describes these structures from his memories.

Thadeusz Tischbein

Thadeusz Tischbein is a Germany-based video artist. In his films he often uses documentary material alongside with models to develop a fictionalised version of a documentary, a forensic speculation. Most of the films were shown on international film festivals – among others Manifesta 12 Palermo, EMAF Osnabrück, Girona Film Festival, IndieLisboa, Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin and VideoSoundArt Milano. He studied between 2008 and 2016 in Leipzig, Braunschweig (Germany) and Bucharest (Romania). He lives and works in Leipzig/Germany.

Let’s Share Chillies-Pizza Like It Was Yesterday

Germany 2022 – 18:12 min – Director: Maximilian Michael Weigl

At the end of an apartment party, Lisa overhears that Matze´s girlfriend from his long distance relationship is about to move to here. As Lisa and Matze go get some pizza from the late night kiosk, she drunk tries to renew their mutual „chillies-pizza-ritual“. But Matze seems to be in a completely different mood at 3 o´clock at night – until they end up in a bar close to closing time… A movie about toxic infatuation, self-worth and long distance relationships.

Maximilian Michael Weigl

Maximilian Weigl (*1993 in Traunstein) won the BR-PULS reading series in 2018 with the short story Wer schmust ist fix zam. He is also the singer and guitarist of the post-punk band ENDLICH RUDERN. Since October 2019 he is studying “Screenplay” at the University of Television and Film in Munich.


Germany 2023 – 03:18 min – Director: Ciara Borgards

A metal ballerina is standing on a turning platform supported by a frame inside a music box. But suddenly her support breaks, her music box closes and the ballerina finds herself in a strange world. The film shows how a misfortune can be the necessary force to transform our lives for the better.

Ciara Borgards

Ciara Borgards is an animator, director, and VFX artist. Born in Mexico City and raised in Cologne, Germany since the age of nine, she has worked on numerous feature films as well as content creation for commercials. Her creativity and dedication to her craft have now led her to her latest project, the graduation hybrid film Little Heroes which is currently in its final stages of production.

Nelly’s Story

Austria 2023 – 18:55 min – Director: Jonas Steinacker

When an influencer mother stages her daughter for an Instagram video for her 9th birthday, she refuses to participate because she wants her father to be back. The girl Nelly grabs her mother’s cell phone and suddenly starts filming her. The mother tries to grab Nelly. Nelly runs away and locks her out of the house. All the knocking, screaming and threatening does not help. Nelly lowers the burglar-proof shutters of the house and disappears. That’s when the influencer discovers disturbing Instagram stories of her daughter. Posted on her own account.

Jonas Steinacker

Born in 1998 in Bergisch Gladbach. Apprenticeship as media designer for image and sound at the Bavaria Filmstudios in Munich. Since 2021 he has been studying directing at the Vienna Film Academy with Michael Haneke & Jessica Hausner.

Maria Schneider, 1983

France 2022 – 25:08 min – Director: Elisabeth Subrin

In a cross-genre work that bends time, history, and form, three acclaimed actresses reenact a troubling interview with the iconic French actress Maria Schneider (1952-2011), whose traumatic experience on the set of the legendary Last Tango In Paris only resurfaced after #metoo. As Maria transforms through multiple interpretations, shocking revelations occur.

Elisabeth Subrin

Elisabeth Subrin is an award-winning director and artist based in New York. Her critically acclaimed films and video installations have been featured in numerous international festivals and exhibitions. She received her M.F.A. from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1995 and is a professor in the Department of Film and Media Arts at Temple University.