Living Your Life

The feel-good musical with earworm potential tells the story of two strong, independent and very different women whose fates are woven together in a miraculous way.

By a magical coincidence, ambitious career woman Rebecca and lively musical performer Maja swap bodies and must find their way in each other’s lives. What begins as a bizarre dilemma soon teaches the two important life lessons.

The film is a bachelor’s degree project of the University of Applied Sciences Dortmund and was supported by the Film und Medien Stiftung NRW, the LWL-Kulturförderung and over 100 Startnext supporters.

Sven Molke

Sven Molke was born in Celle in 1993 and is a trained media designer, director, screenwriter and producer. He is currently in his 7th semester of film studies at the University of Applied Sciences Dortmund. Besides his studies he works as a freelance media designer and podcaster. He also works for the University of Applied Sciences Dortmund in the field of video in teaching.


Germany 2022 – Director: Sven Molke – Screenplay: Dennis Kleinbeck – Cinematography: Nils Möller – Editor: Sören Denecke – Music: Jan Sladkowski, Philipp Solenski – Starring Julia Müller, Anna Schmikale, Göksu Cetinkaya, Laura Ehrich, Buenaventura Braunstein, Susi Studentkowski. – 96 mins