Nos Cérémonies | Summer Scars

Simon Rieth’s dark and fantastical feature debut explores the entangled bonds of two brothers between rivalry and childhood trauma. Followed by Q&A with director Simon Rieth and actors Raymond Baur and Simon Baur.
(Original with English subtitles)

A Film by Simon Rieth
Drama/Fantasy, France 2022, 104 mins, Original with English subtitles

Brothers Tony and Noé pass the long sweltering summer days playing games of chance and death… until the accident that will change their lives forever. Ten years later, now young adults and back in Royan, their paths cross that of Cassandra, their childhood love. But even after all this time, the brothers are still hiding a secret…

Simon Rieth’s captivating first feature is a bold exploration of the fantasy genre, the strange and the miraculous, rarely seen in French cinema. A film of infinite gentleness and intangible beauty, awarded Best Film at the Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival.

Simon Rieth

Simon Rieth was born in France in 1995. He works as a director and writer. Before his feature film debut, Simon produced several short films that have been presented and awarded at festivals around the world. Simon works at Partizan Productions and produces commercials and music videos.

Director: Simon Rieth – Screenplay: Simon Rieth & Leá Riche – Cinematography: Marine Atlan – Editor: Guillaume Lillo – Starring Raymond Baur, Simon Baur, Maïra Villena, Gregory Lu, Benjamin Lu.