The first feature-length film by the Münster-based artist group “Kollektiv des guten Willens” is an ambiguous conundrum about a film shoot that brushes the usual relationships between director, crew and audience against the grain.

Actress Judith is invited by young aspiring director Ferdinand to shoot a film on the Atlantic coast of southern France. But even during the first shooting attempts, it becomes apparent that Ferdinand’s perfectionist vision is difficult to realize. Over time, an unseen force begins to slowly unravel the film, like Ferdinand’s nostalgically transfigured dream. What remains is a flood of images that increasingly lose their meaning. Judith finds herself confronted with the invisible force and with Ferdinand’s urge to want to control everything around her, and she rebels.

Maximilian Wigger

Maximilian Wigger was born in Münster in 1996 and first studied art history and cultural and social anthropology there. Afterwards he studied at the Academy of Arts in Münster and the Academy of Arts in Leipzig. Since then Maximilian participated in numerous plays and exhibitions.

Germany 2022 – Director: Maximilian Wigger – Screenplay: Rabia Caliskan, Zahraa Khanafer, Maximilian Wigger, Philipp Wegerer – Cinematography & Editor: Johannes Hölker – Starring Carla-Frieda Nettelnbreker, Verena Buss, Calvin Noel Auer, Ferdinand Nowitzky. – 99 mins