09/23/2023 | Saturday


  • Film education theme day on 23.09.2023
    Something (is) moving. Film education is cultural education! How do film education programs work in NRW? Where are they? And (why) do we need to talk about connections? Among each other, to schools, to politics, to our visitors and participants?



  • New Film Generation MS & NRW
    In addition to their numerous other activities, the film workshops, film houses and film festivals in North Rhine-Westphalia are always the starting points for film projects with children, adolescents and young adults, which are created in workshops and support programs. This film program shows a selection of the most diverse works, from the summer workshop of the New Film Generation in the Münster Film Workshop to a soundtrack for a silent film, which premiered as part of the International Women’s Film Festival Dortmund + Cologne.



  • Nos Cérémonies | Summer Scars
    Simon Rieth’s dark and fantastical feature debut explores the entangled bonds of two brothers between rivalry and childhood trauma. Followed by Q&A with director Simon Rieth and actors Raymond Baur and Simon Baur. (Original with English subtitles)



  • Malastrana | La Corta Notte delle Bambole di Vetro
    Aldo Lados Regiedebüt ist einer der unkonventionellsten Genre-Beiträge im Giallo und führt in das düster und okkult portraitierte Prag der 1970er Jahre. Nichts scheint real oder konventionell greifbar: Wo bin ich? Wie komme ich hier her? Diese existenziellen Fragen muss sich Journalist Gregory Moore während seines Aufenthalts in der „goldenen Stadt“ stellen. Des Rätsels Lösung birgt eine grausame Entdeckung …