09/30/2023 | Saturday


  • Westfalen Connection Short Film Programme 1
    The Miro Project (D 2022) HH Blue Light (D 2023) A Lady’s Rituals (D 2023) Concrete Rose (D 2022) Lucia – Everything Rosy on the Pony Farm? (D 2023) Die Verlorenen (D 2022)



  • Goodbye Stranger
    With lots of Nick Hornby vibes, the feel-good relationship comedy from director Aaron Rookus draws an outrageously entertaining portrait of a young urban hipster between professional fulfillment and interpersonal happiness. (Original with English subtitles)


  • Award ceremony
    The award ceremony with announcement of the winners and ceremonial award ceremony in the three competition sections, followed by screening of the award-winning short films.


  • Profondo Rosso
    Dario Argento’s masterpiece “Profondo Rosso” is a grippingly staged giallo, which is definitely one of the best works of the genre director due to its visual component and staging brilliance.