09/24/2023 | Sunday



  • Narcosis
    The German premiere of this year’s Dutch entry for the Oscars – a story full of life about love and loss. Martijn de Jong’s directorial debut particularly impresses with its leading actress. Followed by Q&A with Thekla Reuten. (Original with English subtitles)


  • European Short Film Competition Programme 5
    Tuulikki (FIN 2022) How The Wooden Structures Survived In My Mind (D 2022) Let’s Share Chillies-Pizza Like It Was Yesterday (D 2022) Pirouette (D 2023) Nelly’s Story (A 2023) Maria Schneider, 1983 (F 2022)


  • The Quiet Girl
    The first Irish-language film to be nominated for an Oscar, this is a gentle and deeply hopeful tale of people trying to leave pain and loneliness behind. (Original with German subtitles)


  • European Short Film Competition Programme 6
    Smalltown Miss (EST 2022) Thoughts of a Young Person at the Sight of a Dissolving World (D 2022) The Taster (D 2022) Into the Realm of the Night (D 2022) The Fence | Płot (PL 2022)