This year’s country focus on films from the Netherlands, which is unique in Germany, is devoted to a small but fine selection of first films, as is our European First Feature Film Competition.

The three selected directorial debuts in this section provide a small glimpse into the enormous narrative richness of our western neighbors – with this year’s Dutch entry for the Oscars, Narcosis by Martijn de Jong, the first feature film of young director Zara Dwinger, the charming children’s film Kiddo, and the feature debut of director Aaron Rookus, the irresistible pop culture rom-com Goodbye Stranger.

  • Narcosis
    The German premiere of this year’s Dutch entry for the Oscars – a story full of life about love and loss. Martijn de Jong’s directorial debut particularly impresses with its leading actress. Followed by Q&A with Thekla Reuten. (Original with English subtitles)
  • Goodbye Stranger
    With lots of Nick Hornby vibes, the feel-good relationship comedy from director Aaron Rookus draws an outrageously entertaining portrait of a young urban hipster between professional fulfillment and interpersonal happiness. (Original with English subtitles)
  • Kiddo
    A crowd favorite of this year’s Generation program at the Berlinale: Zara Dwinger’s directorial debut about an extraordinary mother-daughter relationship between lofty Hollywood dreams and sad road movie reality. (Original with English subtitles)