Westfalen Connection Short Film Programme 1

The Miro Project (D 2022)
HH Blue Light (D 2023)
A Lady’s Rituals (D 2023)
Concrete Rose (D 2022)
Lucia – Everything Rosy on the Pony Farm? (D 2023)
Die Verlorenen (D 2022)

The Miro Project

Germany 2022 – 13:24 min – Director: Amechi Oji & Jakob Bey

Miro is an A.I. that has been given the task of understanding human emotions through painting. But it eventually suffers from its own psyche. This short film is a love letter to iconic sci-fi films like 2001 – A Space Odyssey or Blade Runner.

Amechi Oji & Jakob Bey

Amechi Oji (16) and Jakob Bey (17) are young filmmakers from Münster. Since 2020, both have already produced some short films. Their first film Alone was already presented at some film festivals, like the FISHFILM Festival Rostock or the Up and Coming Film Festival. At the end of 2022 they completed their current project The Miro Project.

HH Blue Light

Germany 2023 – 04:56 min – Director: Horst Herz

The river – winter – the little ship – blue light – hope

A short film meditation, shot on 16mm in the port of Hamburg.

Horst Herz

Horst Herz was born in Bad Friedrichshall in 1954 and is a filmmaker, film producer and photographer. Initially Horst was a photographer before he started filming experimental films and co-founded Filmfabrik Nuremberg. Since the 80s Horst realized several documentaries and short films. Today Horst teaches at the Filmwerkstatt Münster.

A Lady’s Rituals

Germany 2023 – 29:50 min – Director: Mark Lorei

Mid-19th century in rural Münsterland. A shepherdess, also known as Spökenkiekerin because of her clairvoyant abilities, upsets the village headman. She is to be chased away. But a noble lady comes to her aid with occult powers. The shepherdess and the lady also enjoy a love affair with each other …

Mark Lorei

Born in 1986 in Münsterland (NRW), studied history at the University of Münster with a focus on visual history. In 2014, he completed his studies with a master’s thesis on the topic of “Coming to terms with the GDR past in German feature films”. In 2008, he founded the film collective “fettepolarelipide filme”, in which he completed over 20 short and experimental films. Between 2015 and 2017, he completed a traineeship at the State Media Centre for Westphalia, where he has been head of the media production department since 2020. His web series Haus Kummerveldt won the audience award of the First Steps Award in 2020. Lorei works as a director, producer and author.

Concrete Rose

Germany 2022 – 04:34 min – Director: Marius Kühler

Concrete Rose is a film that is showcasing the growth of self, through time and expierience. We are diving into the emotional rollercoaster of “Rose” a woman in the man dominated subculture of Breaking. Its key to become resilient and knowing who you are when you going down in the chyphers of life.

Marius Kühler

Marius Kühler (*1995 Beckum, Germany) is livining and freelancing as DP & Director in Münster since 2021. As part of the supstorys collective, he produces films for brands in the fashion, music and dance scene worldwide. In his independent productions, he is visualising the documentation and artistic representation of subcultural observations, which are mostly closely linked to the urban dance scene.

Lucia – Everything Rosy on the Pony Farm?

Germany 2023 – 15:00 min – Director: Vincent Ercolani

Lucia has been herding Icelandic horses for over 30 years. Yet life on the pony farm is so very different from Hollywood movies. Getting up early and shoveling shit is the reality. Lucia is also concerned about the health of the animals and her responsibility to their owners. Will all the hard work pay off in the end?

Vincent Ercolani

Vincent Ercolani is a German director and actor. Vincent studied for 6 years in Mainz. Besides some jobs as a production assistant, for example on the Netflix series The Queen’s Gambit, Vincent is mainly active as an actor and director. His films have been presented frequently at festivals.

Die Verlorenen

Germany 2022 – 19:58 min – Director: Simon Baucks

Exhausted from alcohol abuse, MMA fighter Runau senses: he can no longer play his role in which the betting mafia pays him to participate in manipulated fights. Meanwhile, Amelie, under the influence of amphetamines, cares for her sick mother. When she leaves the house to pick up her gambling sibling Jonas, they return to find their mother lifeless. Catalyzed by pain and violence, the three protagonists experience a parallel evolution of their addictions.

Simon Baucks

Simon Baucks was born in 1990 and raised in Berlin. After studying philosophy, politics and economics at the University of Witten/Herdecke, he attended the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne. There he attended directing as well as cinematography and screenwriting classes. He graduates in 2022 with the film Die Verlorenen. In 2018, he received the Best Experimental Cinematography Special Mention Award at the Zsigmond Vilmos Film Festival in Hungary for his cinematography work on Monoscape. In 2020, the film Die Schützin, directed by Simon Baucks, won the German Cinematography Award.